About us

We are a bunch of enthusiastic Lindy Hoppers who started Sugarspin to bring the joy of Lindy Hop to Groningen. Let’s get together on the floor and have some fun!

What’s in our name? It’s sweetness with a twist. ‘Sugarspin’ takes inspiration from both the sugar fabricating history of Groningen and a famous swing move. There used to be a sugar factory in Groningen, and there still is one in the neighbouring town of Hoogkerk. Lindy Hop knows a sugar move, the so-called Sugar Push. But we are not into pushing people around — we’d rather give them a gentle spin, a yummy “suikerspin.”


So who are we?

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Vera caught the Lindy bug in Copenhagen in the summer of 2014. She has taken part in workshops and Lindy Exchanges in Spain, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, England and Iceland. She accepted a job at RUG and moved to Groningen in August 2015. When she discovered that Groningen was still a blank spot on the Lindy map of the world, she started a Facebook group “Lindy Hop in Groningen” in December 2015, from which Sugarspin has since evolved. Thanks to Sugarspin, Mondays are her favourite nights of the week, even if it means that she will now has to be a teacher even in her free time. May the bounce be with you!

Sander started dancing when the scene started in Nijmegen in the spring of 2014. He has participated in many of the Dutch festivals and workshops last year and is expanding his horizon further into Europe this year, with the awesome Rock that Swing festival in Munich already checked off, and exchanges to London and Iceland yet to come. He grew up and studied in Groningen, under the smoke (and smell) of the Sugar factories, but moved to Nijmegen to obtain his Ph. D. in Astronomy. He currently works at the Radio Observatory in Dwingeloo, Drenthe, but could not move to a place without his favorite dance, so he now spends half his time in Nijmegen and the other half in Groningen. He is looking forward to spreading the dance up north and get his old home town swinging. Sanne discovered Lindy Hop in February 2015, at Swing Out Loud in Enschede. In November she moved to Groningen, to work in the Martini hospital as a nurse. To feed her desire to Lindy Hop, Sanne had to travel a lot for events, but now there is Sugarspin Groningen!
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Koosje developed her love for Lindy Hop (along with a posh English accent) in Oxford in the spring of 2015. She’s been dancing fervently in Oxford and her university city Utrecht ever since, has attended various international events and has also become a recent Blues enthusiast. By day, she is a nature and outdoors lover and moved to Groningen in 2017 to start a PhD in Conservation Ecology. Originally from the opposite end of the country, she is eager to make Groningen and Sugarspin her home. Pier still remembers how astonished he was when he saw the Lindy Hop magic for the first time, in a flash mob during the 2013 Torino Jazz Festival. He has been dancing ever since with increasing fever, swinging in Spain, France, Hungary, Norway, Denmark and Poland. He was teaching between 2015 and 2016 for the “Dusty Jazz” association in Torino, then he moved to Groningen in February 2017 to start his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He cannot help sharing his Lindy passion with every single person on Earth – seriously guys, Lindy Hop changed my life! Bertil started dancing in 2004 when a friend invited him to a taster class. He instantly fell in love with this fun and spontaneous dance. And from that day his feet never stopped moving. During the years he has taken part in multiple lindy hop events, performed in a showgroup and been a teacher in his home town Gothenburg, Sweden. From August 2016 to July 2017 he and his girlfriend lived in Groningen and were happy to find Sugarspin.