About us

We are a bunch of enthusiastic Lindy Hoppers who started Sugarspin to bring the joy of Lindy Hop to Groningen. Let’s get together on the floor and have some fun!

What’s in our name? It’s sweetness with a twist. ‘Sugarspin’ takes inspiration from both the sugar fabricating history of Groningen and a famous swing move. There used to be a sugar factory in Groningen, and there still is one in the neighbouring town of Hoogkerk. Lindy Hop knows a sugar move, the so-called Sugar Push. But we are not into pushing people around — we’d rather give them a gentle spin, a yummy “suikerspin.”


So who are we?

Our teachers

The foundation of Sugarspin. Without our teachers, few of us would know how to dance the Lindy Hop. We have an amazing bunch of them. Several have been there from the beginning, and some of our own have become so good that they’ve become teachers! Sometimes we’re even lucky to have wonderfully skilled guests from outside Groningen, who join our ranks while they’re here :).

12045542_192466791084366_4639976691060639779_o profielSander 19905243_10207573379211043_7113703704142013566_n

Vera caught the Lindy bug in Copenhagen in the summer of 2014. She has taken part in workshops and Lindy Exchanges in Spain, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, England and Iceland. She accepted a job at RUG and moved to Groningen in August 2015. When she discovered that Groningen was still a blank spot on the Lindy map of the world, she started a Facebook group “Lindy Hop in Groningen” in December 2015, from which Sugarspin has since evolved. Thanks to Sugarspin, Mondays are her favourite night of the week, even if it means that she now has to be a teacher even in her free time. May the bounce be with you!

Sander started dancing when the scene started in Nijmegen in the spring of 2014. He fell in love with the dance straight away and often takes the opportunity to dance at festivals in other countries all over Europe. He was happy to run into Vera and Sanne, who wanted to start a dance scene in Groningen, after he had found a new job there. He loves the music, teaching and really connecting with a partner.

Did you know: When he’s not dancing, he often plays with very expensive instruments?

Sanne discovered Lindy Hop in February 2015, at Swing Out Loud in Enschede. In November she moved to Groningen, to work in the Martini hospital as a nurse. To feed her desire to Lindy Hop, Sanne had to travel a lot for events, but now there is Sugarspin Groningen!
Lineke. Her hair is longer now, but the glasses are still the same! Odin John

Our own Sugarspin-raised teacher! Lineke starting Lindy Hopping in January 2017, right here at Sugarspin. She has a history of ballroom dancing, but from the very first few minutes of her very first open lesson Lindy Hop turned its spell on her. Putting Lindy Hop into words is impossible, but if she can try, she’d use “freedom”, “joy” and “utter happiness”. She grabs every opportunity to attend Lindy Hop festivals and you’re likely to find her at some edition of Swingdom or Smokey Feet. Lineke dances and teaches both as lead and as follow, so be sure to ask her to dance when you see her!

Did you know: She’s an on-and-off proper Dungeon Master!

Odin’s first introduction into swing dancing was a taster during a scouting camp from our friends at Let’s Swing. He danced Boogie Woogie for a year before joining Sugarspin, because dancing only once a week wasn’t enough for him. There, he fell in love with the music, the joy and the philosophy of Lindy Hop. Odin likes to attend a lot of lindy-events such as Swingdom, What’s Hop and Chase Festival as either lead or follower, in order to one day make his dance skills as godlike as his name.

Did you know: ¿El trata de aprender español?

John: I started Lindy Hop in September 2017 after a colleague of mine convinced me to try it out. I was hesitant at first because I did not know what to expect and I had zero dancing experience. The moment I set foot on the dance floor, heard those jazzy tunes, and made those first triple steps, I fell in love with Lindy Hop. Ever since, I enjoyed every moment of this amazing dance. It is fun, silly and liberating. The dancing atmosphere is great too! Everyone dances with everyone and no one seems to care whether you are a beginner of not. It is all about having fun together! These days, I also enjoy dancing as a follow!

Did you know: He works as a Chemist and also dances Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.

Our board

The board of Sugarspin currently consists of this poppin’ bunch.

Tom Zwart, Chair
Wytse de Boer, Secretary
Wouter van der Vinne, Treasurer
Marieke Speckmann, Captain Awesomepower

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 10.38.04

Our confidential advisers

Did you know, Sugarspin has confidential advisers. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable with some part of the lessons, or that something doesn’t feel right with a certain person within the community. Then our confidential advisers are the people you can contact.

Everything will be dealt with privately and confidentially. These people will provide a listening ear and if necessary and desired will look for possible solutions together with you. Don’t hesitate to talk to them, or send them an e-mail.

Sanne Wytse Arsalan

Hi! I’m Sanne, one of the founders of Sugarspin and also one of the teachers. I also function as a confidential adviser: this means that you can always e-mail me of talk to me in person if there’s anything you want to share: this can be something that happened during a Sugarspin event or any problem you have within the association.

Email: sanne@sugarspin.nl

Hey there! I’m Wytse and I’ve been hoppin’ with Sugarspin since january 2018 and have completely and utterly fallen in love with this dance, the energy and the people. I’m a board member and a confidential adviser. If there’s anything relating to Sugarspin you want to talk about, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Email: wytse@sugarspin.nl

Heya! I’m Arsalan. I joined Sugarspin in early 2017 and have come to really appreciate what this place can give to people. That’s why it’s very important to me that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. So, as one of the confidential advisers, you can talk to me (or email me) about anything privately, and confidentially.

Email: arsalan@sugarspin.nl