Courses February-June 2020

Registrations have closed! Looking for the start of our next set of courses? They’ll start early September, so check back in July/August for more info. (For info on the previous course, click here)

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Lessons start from Monday 10 February (Wednesday groups on 5 February) till end of June 2020. There’s an open lesson on Monday 3 February, from 19-20h, followed by a social dance.

We offer 4 Lindy Hop levels, and 1 Solo Jazz level on Monday & Wednesday evenings.

New to Lindy Hop?
Hey there! New to Lindy Hop? Then please read the rest of this page! We’ll explain:

• The kind of courses we offer, and what could suit you.
• What you will learn in each course.
• The schedule.
• Registration information. Don’t know what Lindy Hop is? Check out our page about Lindy Hop.
• A Q&A for any questions you may still have.

The classes mostly take place on Monday evenings (with the exception of the Solo Jazz classes.) Our lesson location is in Vinkhuizen, at de Travertijn, Travertijnstraat 6

Class levels

We offer 4 levels of Lindy Hop classes with very sugary names, and 1 Solo Jazz level. Read on to find out more about each level!

Sugarbeats (Beginners)

  • You’ve heard of Lindy Hop and want to experience this dance! In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop: connection, differences between six- and eight-count moves, and basic steps towards your first Swingouts. We’ll also take you along with us to your first social dance! During this course you can expect:
    • Six-count moves such as the send-out, pass-by and tuck-turn
    • Eight-count moves such as the promenade and lindy circle
    • Floor craft: How to dance in tight spaces
    • The Charleston: how to keep dancing when music is really fast!

Lollipops (Beginner-intermediate)

  • You’ve finished the Sugarbeats course and feel like digging deeper into the dance.  This 20-lesson Lollipops-course will help improve your basics and treats a lot of new moves and techniques. If you want to focus on your basics before moving on to the Cotton Candies you can take this class a second time. During this course you can expect:
    • Lindy Hop’s signature move: the swingout
    • Techniques such as: frame, compression and momentum
    • Learn how to do pop-turns and other spins & turns
    • Charleston tandem

Cotton Candies (Intermediate)

  • This is our social-oriented dance class for the people that focus on dancing as a leisure activity. Your basics are clean and your triple-steps are spot on. You can effortlessly lead or follow a promenade, lindy circle and Charleston hand-to-hand. You want to work on your technique and connection as well as expand your lindy vocabulary. This is your level if you currently experience circumstances which will lead you to miss some of the weekly classes. This level will feature rotating content and is thus suitable to be taken multiple times. During this course you can expect to:
    • Learn some intermediate figures that go beyond standard he six or eight count moves;
    • Focus more on social dancing,
    • Perfect your swingout and learn variations;
    • Gently speed up your Charleston dancing.

Marshmallows (Intermediate-advanced)

  • Our most ambitious, technique-oriented regular level for the real lindy-nerds. As a Marshmallow, you are ready to learn more advanced moves, but you also realise that you’ll need to continue working on the core moves to hone your fundamentals. You know how to effortlessly lead or follow swingouts, Charleston in tandem and fast Lindy Hop. You are starting to use rhythm variations in your footwork and know how to use connection to dance beyond just the figures. This level will feature rotating content and is thus suitable to take multiple times. This level requires you to be present regularly in order to keep up. During this course you work on:
    • Obtaining a deeper understanding of the principles of the dance (nerd out!)
    • Blending Charleston and Lindy
    • Perfecting your fundamentals
    • Learning rhythm and figure variations


Next to our regular Lindy Hop courses, we also have an invitational course, Butterscotch. Please note that you cannot sign up directly for this course. The invitation to take part in this course is subject to student performance. The teachers of each new iteration of the invitational course (re)assess and (re)invite students per block. If you are invited and are considering joining the invitational course, please be advised on the following expectations:

  • Level: Classes are fast-paced and feature more difficult and technical material. You are able to deal with concept-classes and complex moves. (You are expected to deal constructively with feedback and criticism from the teachers)
  • Commitment: You are able to commit and join class every week. The teachers expect you to be present. If you miss a class for any reason, it’s your responsibility to catch up.
  • High learning curve: You are willing to take responsibility for your learning and practice even more than normal, also besides the regular classes. You seriously want to challenge yourself to improve your technique, to make your dancing even better. You are willing to invest time to figure out why moves do or don’t work as expected. 

Solo rolos (Solo Jazz)

For all levels we offer a solo jazz-course. In these lessons, we will build our own routine together. So you get to work on new jazz moves while creating your own wonderful piece! Besides the routine, we’ll work on some improvisation, so you can also have a great time on the dance floor without a partner. Solo Jazz is really good for improving your Lindy Hop: you’ll get more comfortable in improvising while spicing up your Lindy Hop and it’s very good for your body control. 

For the Solo Jazz lessons you can also sign up on the registration form, without an extra fee. Since we will create a routine, we do expect you to join every lesson if you sign up for this course.

Progression through levels
Each of our courses lasts for approximately five months. Beginning from the Sugarbeats course (for absolute beginners), you’ll move on to the Lollipops level. After this, you can move on to the Cotton Candies Course. Once you’ve taken at least one full course in the Cotton Candies level, you might opt to join the technique-focused Marshmallows course.

You can always consider retaking a course, in order to enhance your skills. This is especially handy if you haven’t been able to attend a lot of lessons or have found the material or pace challenging. You’ll receive an evaluation of which level suits you best before each sign-up, based on your progress and attendance.

Please note that the final composition of classes is contingent on the number of sign-ups and the balance of leads and follows. So you might be placed in a different level than the one you chose. In case of oversubscription of a certain level,  teachers’ advice may be used to place students in a different level.


Schedule days03


Lessons start from Monday 10 February (Wednesday groups on 5 February) till end of June 2020. There’s an open lesson on Monday 3 February, from 19-20h, followed by a social dance.

There is a free social dance from 20:00-21:00, open for everyone, especially visitors.


Registrations have closed.

To encourage a good lead/follow balance (we usually have more follows), we encourage you to sign up with someone of the opposite role. This ensures you have a spot (if the class is not full). But you can also sign up alone (especially leaders). We will rotate partners in class. Registrations are accepted in order of registration, as long as the class is balanced. Failure to complete the payment instructions in time may put you back on the waiting list.

Note: The Solo Jazz course is currently full, and any new registrants will be put on a waiting list.

Membership Fee and Course Length

At Sugarspin we teach 2 courses a year. To participate in lessons you have to become a member of Sugarspin. The membership cost for one course duration is €120,-. It is possible to pay the membership fee of €120 in two terms. Please note, that not paying the second term will result in loss of membership for the duration of that term.


De Travertijn Travertijnstraat 6, 9743 SZ, Groningen

Use the side entrance on the right hand side of the building.

By car, you can follow Arduinlaan and the Vuursteenstraat. Please park your car at the street at the Travertijn side, as parking at the other side is not allowed. The parking behind the building is for residents only.


I’m new, and all this is overwhelming me. How do I just start learning Lindy Hop?

Sign up for the Sugarbeats :) That’s our complete beginner level. No previous dancing experience required.

Can I get a taste of Lindy Hop before I sign up?

Yes! We have an open lesson on 3 February. You can sign up after the class if you like it. Be quick though, spots go fast!

I’m new to Sugarspin, but have Lindy Hop experience from elsewhere. For which level do I sign up?

We recommend you read the level descriptions and determine what you think fits your experience level. If you’re still in doubt, send us an e-mail at or ask one of the teachers at the open lesson.

I’ve danced in the Lollipops, which level do I sign up for?

You automatically land in the Cotton Candies level, unless you’d like to take the Lollipops level again. If you’ve missed many lessons, that would be a good option.

I’m a Sugarbeat, what do I do?!

Sign up for the Lollipops :)

What’s this Butterscotch thing?

This is a group for people invited by the teachers of that level. There are some serious expectations related to this level, and invitations are re-assessed for every course.

I signed up, but didn’t receive an email saying I’m accepted.

Class balance is always taken into account. For every follow, there must be a lead. So you can give it more time, encourage a friend to sign up, or find a partner to sign up with (found one? Send us an email and let us know)

I feel that I was given the wrong level recommendation, what do I do?

The level recommendations are based on several factors:
– Time you spent practising
– Prior dancing experience
– Technique
– Your personal learning curve
This way, we can make sure everyone has a good learning experience within classes to progress. If you feel that you should be in another level, please contact one of the teachers, or reach out to us at

My schedule clashes with the level I’ve been recommended for. What do I do?
That’s up to you. If you can’t take the recommended level, you can sign up for a lower level if that one does fit your schedule. It could be the perfect time to try a different role, for example. If you’re still unsure, ask one of the teachers for advice, or send us an e-mail at
Can I take the Solo Jazz class together with a Lindy Hop class?

Yes, you can. You can also only take the Solo Jazz course if you like, or only a Lindy Hop course.

What happened to the stretching?

We no longer have it as an official block, but of course you’re welcome to stretch after your classes.

Do I have to pay more to follow the Solo Jazz course?

We don’t charge per course you take. We only charge a membership fee. Members are allowed to subscribe to one Lindy Hop course (possibly two, if class balance allows), and also the Solo Jazz course.

So if you’re a member, you can take a Lindy Hop course, the Solo Jazz course, or both. The cost is the same, which is €120 per semester.

Practise session?

Yes! For one hour on Mondays :)

Wait. I’m a Marshmallow, and I can’t participate in the social on Monday. What’s up with that?

Unfortunately, due to practical reasons, we’ve had to make this decision. Because the Marshmallows is our highest level, we offer the practise session from 19-20 instead, for you to work on your learnings. And of course there’s always Upstairs Swing!

I have a question that’s not on this page.

Send it to us, at