Courses January 2018

December lessons: On december 11 and 18 there are still extra lessons for current members at the normal times.

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Lessons Jan-March:

The next round of Sugarspin classes runs from January 8 till March 26. We offer 3 courses, all of which are held on Monday evenings. There are 12 lessons for each course:

  • Lindy A This is our course for absolute beginners. In this course we will teach the basics of Lindy Hop. The first two classes are open lessons (Jan 8 & 15) with different steps. To continue with the full beginners course you need to have participated in at least one of these open lessons.
  • Lindy B For all those who have already taken our level A course or have at least 3 months of experience elsewhere. The Lindy B course will further build on improving your basis to dance Lindy Hop, and will also incorporate Charleston.
  • Lindy C For all those who have already taken our lindy C course or have at least 9 months of experience elsewhere.

Due to restructuring of the course material, the old Lindy B class (Sept-Nov ’17) will be split between the new Lindy B and C courses (Jan-March ’18). Based on your in class attendance and progress, you will be advised on which level to join. The material for the new level B course will be largely new and beneficial for everyone that previously danced lindy B.

In between classes and after Lindy C there will be a free social dance, open for everyone, especially visitors.

Schedule (on Mondays)

Lindy B Jan 8 – March 26 19:00 – 20:00
Social Dance / Practice time for all Jan 8 – March 26 20:00 – 20:45
Open lessons (for Lindy A) Jan 8 & 15 20:45 – 21:45
Lindy A Jan 22- March 26 20:45 – 21:45
Lindy C Jan 8 – March 26 20:45 – 21:45
Social Dance for all Jan 8 – March 26 21:45 – 22:30


Leading and Following

Lindy Hop is danced by a leader and a follower. The leader initiates the moves and directions. The follower follows the direction given, but has a lot of freedom to add styling and contribute to the dance. Traditionally, men danced as leaders and women danced as followers, and will usually still be asked for their traditional role at parties. Nowadays in the Lindy Hop scene everybody is free to choose what fits them best, and encouraged to dance with anybody, no matter what age or gender. Many advanced dancers enjoy both roles nowadays.


Please register by filling in this form. Registration for the open lessons is not required, but we would like you to have an idea who is coming. For this you can RSVP on the facebook events for Jan 8 and Jan 15. If you want to take an open lesson before you join the Lindy A course, please only register after you have decided to take the full course.

To encourage a good lead/follow balance (we always have more follows), we encourage you to sign up with someone of the opposite role. This ensures you have a spot (if the class is not full). But you can also sign up alone (especially leaders). We will rotate partners in class. Registrations are accepted in order of registration, as long as the class is balanced. Failure to complete the payment instructions in time may put you back on the waiting list.

Course Fee

Full course: 70 € for 12 weeks total

You will be informed when your registration is accepted. You will receive payment instructions to complete the registration process. Don’t forget to state your name and level.


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Use the side entrance on the right hand side of the building.

By car, you can follow Arduinlaan and the Vuursteenstraat. Please park your car at the street at the Travertijn side, as parking at the other side is not allowed. The parking behind the building is for residents only.