Workshop – Becky & Jeroen – July 1st

The teachers

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Hailing from Plymouth, UK, where she started dancing in 2005, Becky is a fast-footed swing addict! She has a love of rhythm which stems from her many years as a musician, playing drums in various bands for a decade, and this gave her a great understanding for the pulse of jazz music. Becky has been spreading her knowledge of dancing as one of the few full time Lindy teachers in the Netherlands over the past five years. Besides having strong class content, her classes are always an energizing experience and always leave her students ready to get on the social dance floor.

Since he began dancing, Jeroen is rarely seen off the dance floor at parties and dances. He has been an obsessive Lindy Hopper and has immersed himself in the dance. The joy he finds in Swing dancing is evident from the enthusiasm and energy he emits on the dance floor; playfulness, partner connection and individual expression are the focus points in his humorous and experimental style. Three years ago he started teaching, and does so in both Rotterdam and Delft. His classes are simultaneously detailed and technical, but more importantly: filled with energy, joy and a lot of fun. He really enjoys seeing his students flourish and become as addicted to Lindy Hop as he is!


There are two levels of classes. Each class will receive a 2 hr workshop by our guest teachers, Becky and Jeroen, and an additional workshop by our own teachers, Bertil and Sanne, who will teach you some 20s Charleston!

  • Level A: (Comparable with Lindy A). You have been dancing for just a few months. You have learned basic steps in 6- and 8-count, such as the he-goes, she-goes, send-out, tuck-turn and circle and started with the swing-out.
  • Level B/C: (Comparable with Lindy B+C). You have been dancing for 6 months up to a year. You are very familiar with the basic figures. You know about the swing-out, know some moves in Charleston and started learning about musicality and connection.


We have two rooms and parallel workshops, so for everyone the workshop starts at 12:00 and comprises two different classes:

12:00-14:00 Level A Becky & Jeroen Level B/C Bertil & Sanne
14:00-15:00 Break with drinks / snacks
15:00-17:00 Level A Bertil & Vera Level B/C Becky & Jeroen

Evening party

In the evening we will have a party with a taster class from 19:30-20:30. The party continues till 23:00. See also the Facebook event. Location to be announced.


Click here to register for the workshop. Registration closes Wednesday 28/6 19:30. We aim to balance the lead/follow ratio, so we may not be able to accept everyone. If you want to be sure that you have a spot, register with a lead/follow. If you need to cancel, please let us know, so we can invite someone else.

The costs are
Workshop: € 15,-
Taster class: Donation
Social dance: Donation

Please pay cash at the workshop, and bring the exact amount if you can. If you cancel before Wednesday 28/6, you do not have to pay the fee. If you cancel after Wednesday 28/6, but we can find a replacement, you also don’t have to pay.

Workshop location

De Travertijn Travertijnstraat 6, 9743 SZ, Groningen

Use the side entrance on the right hand side of the building.