2 november workshops & party

Coming, 2 November!

The first workshop day of the new season! On Saturday 2 November we have a day of Swing workshops planned, and we’ll end the day with a big party at the Lutheran church!

Our teachers of the day will be Kay (Switzerland) & Natalia (Colombia) who are joining from the Utrecht scene, and Caro & Uwe who are coming over from Germany.

We’ll close the day off dancing to the Blue Ramblers ( http://www.theblueramblers.nl/ )!

Note: there will be no taster prior to the party this time. Because we need to wrap up sooner than usual, make sure you are ON TIME for the party to get the most out of it!

Workshop location: Het Heerenhuis (Spilsluizen 9, 9712 NR Groningen)
Party location: Lutherse Kerk (Haddingestraat 23, 9711 KC Groningen)
Sugarspin members: €40,-
Non-Sugarspin members: €45,-

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For questions, please send an e-mail to events@sugarspin.nl

The teachers

Here’s more about Kay & Natalia.

Kay & Natalia

Kay & Natalia

Natalia began teaching Lindy Hop in 2005 at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society. Shortly after, she co-founded Ottawa’s first dedicated Swing school, Swing Dynamite, where she taught and mentored students and teachers for 8 years.
A Swing instructor of 14 years, Natalia has taught throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Netherlands. She speaks English, Spanish, and French, and is currently learning Dutch.

“Natalia has a depth of teaching experience that only comes with years of nurturing dancers daily from their first steps, to first place in international competitions. She’s amazing at
coaching leaders to connect clearly and master their movement, teaching followers to react instinctively and find their voice, and everyone to find the joy of dance.”

Byron Alley. Professional Swing dancer.

Kay was first introduced to Lindy Hop in Bern, Switzerland. Soon after, he moved to Stockholm, which is where he truly discovered his passion for this dance. Taking as many classes as possible, and social dancing as often as he could, Kay developed his own style of Lindy Hop, influenced by the vibrant Swedish Lindy spirit. Now residing in Utrecht, Netherlands, Kay is still just as crazy about Lindy Hop as he was when he
first discovered it. An instructor at Swing in Utrecht and Lindy What! Nijmegen, Kay’s teaching is inspired by the knowledge he has gathered over the years of attending festivals all over Europe and taking classes with many of the world’s most notable Lindy Hop instructors. In his dancing, he always strives to find a balance between being a supportive partner, creating and developing ideas together, and expressing his own individual style. Kay can be easily spotted on the dance floor
because of his athletic dance style and his happy demeanour.

Caro & Uwe

Caro & Uwe

And all the way from Germany, here are Caro & Uwe!

Uwe is a dedicated Swing dancer since 2005, and has been teaching numerous Workshops since 2012. Caro did her first triple steps in 2014 in Gent, where she accidentally came across a Lindy Hop event and got fascinated by the craziness and free-spiritedness of the dance. Caro and Uwe share their passion for flow and connection in Swing dancing and would like to pass that on to others. When teaching together, they create a relaxed atmosphere. Next to the actual topic of the workshop they take time to give personal advice on technique.

Caro & Uwe Workshop description: Flow
In this workshop we´ll work on flow, so the dance becomes one long and not a series of moves. The goal is, that there aren´t any stops or breaks in your dancing. We´ll show you and want to train the technique for that with you by using some variations of 8-and 6-count-moves.


Level descriptions
* Disclaimer: The levels are assigned after registration. It is possible you’re allocated to a different level than your fellow students; e.g. if there are a lot of applicants we want to make sure everyone gets to participate. If you register with a partner, you’re both assigned to the level of the least experienced dancer. By registering for the workshops you agree to these terms.

Jelly Beans
You’ve learned the basics of Lindy Hop and after a couple of months to a year of dancing you’re ready to expand your horizons. This might be your first or second workshop and you’re eager to learn more outside of your regular classes!

This level corresponds with the Sugarbeats and Lollipops.

Gummi Bears
By now you’ve got a grasp on all the basic moves like the Lindy circle, the swing-out and are easily able to switch between fast Lindy and Charleston. You’ve been dancing for a year (or 2-3) and by now you might have attended a few (international) workshops. You have a good understanding of how to use your connection and are implementing different footwork into your dancing.

This level corresponds with the Cotton Candies and Marshmallows.

You have a passion for Lindy Hop and are really pushing yourself to improve your dancing skills. You know where you need to improve and quickly implement feedback into your dancing. You go to every social you can and have attended many (international) workshops. You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a few years and the basics are pure muscle memory by now.

This level corresponds with the Butterscotch level and teachers.


To be announced.

Sweet Saturday Swing Party

From 19h you can join us and the Blue Ramblers at the Lutherse kerk for a divine night of swing! If you followed the workshops, entrance is free. Otherwise, it’s €10,-. The party ends at 23h so join us in time! There’s not taster class, so swingin’ starts right at 19h!


Registrations are open! Register here!

We aim to balance the lead/follow ratio, so we may not be able to accept everyone straight away. If you want to be sure that you have a spot, please register as a couple. Once accepted you will receive an e-mail and you will have 5 days to pay for the workshop to complete your registration. If you need to cancel, please let us know, so we can accept someone else.

Date: Saturday, 2 November
Times workshops: 10:30-16:00h
Time party: 19:00-23:00h
Location Workshops: Het Heerenhuis (Spilsluizen 9, 9712 NR Groningen)
Location party: De Lutherse kerk (Haddingestraat 23, 9711 KC Groningen)

– €40,- for Sugarspin members (includes party entrance)
– €45,- for non-members (includes party entrance)

Party only
– €10,- for everyone