Solo Jazz, Blues & Lindy Hop Workshops + Party

Coming, 11 May!

The second workshop day + party of the year brings the sublime Bára from Brussels to Groningen for some Solo Jazz! In addition, we have Danny & Jaro from AlgoRhythm (Amsterdam) for Lindy Hop workshops, and Jonne & Gregor from Enschede teaching Blues!

We’ll finish the day off in style with a party with the Groninger Student Big Band!

The evening kicks off with a taster class starting at 19:15. It’s open for complete beginners, so you can bring along yourself and your friends!

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Registrations are closed!

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The teachers

Our Solo Jazz teacher is Bára, from Brussels. Here’s more about her.



Barbora “Bára” Hřebačková makes her living through dance. An early dancer herself, she Hip Hopped her way into Tap, Charleston, Authentic Jazz & the Lindy Hop, growing more and more in all these styles of swing dancing in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Currently she is living and working in Europe’s much alive jazz-city, Brussels, Belgium: performing with dance project, Steam Heat Cats, and teaching at Crazy Legs Dance school. Do find her anywhere around Europe dancing & teaching, and enjoy her all-the-way graceful, light way of moving to the beat!

Jonne & Gregor

Jonne & Gregor

Our Blues workshops are given by Jonne & Gregor from Enschede! Here’s more about them:
Jonne & Gregor have been teaching Blues dance together for over 3 years in Enschede. They occasionally teach other styles together as well, like Slow Swing.

Jonne entered the world of Swing- and Bluesdancing in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the cosiness of blues. Since then you can find her for hours on end on the Blues dance floor both in the Netherlands and abroad. She got so addicted to dancing blues, that she co-founded the Blues scene in Enschede in 2013, and she has been teaching weekly classes in blues since then. For Jonne, Bluesdancing is mainly about making connections with other people and having a conversation without speaking a word. In her classes, she, therefore, focusses a lot on the bluesy feeling through improving connection, creativity and musicality.

Gregor discovered the joy of dancing in 2013 and quickly adopted it as a new-found hobby. He started taking Lindy Hop lessons at Swing Out Loud in Enschede and a half year later expanded with Bluesdancing as well. Very soon he found himself joining countless Lindy and Blues events in- and outside of the Netherlands. He began teaching both styles in 2016 and got a kick out of it. For Gregor Blues dancing means freedom to express the music in countless ways.

Danny & Jaro

Danny & Jaro

Our Lindy Hop teachers are Danny & Jaro. Danny discovered Lindy Hop through a friend and his enthusiasm grew quickly: Organising a weekly social, DJing and teaching. His dancing style is light and open, creating space for everyone to join the dance-conversation, leading, following, or both. In his classes you can expect a clear structure, safe environment and lots of time for dancing.

Jaro started Lindy Hop years ago. Immediately he found the perfect combination of great music, active happy dancing and spending time with friends. He now teaches swing dance both in Amsterdam and in Amersfoort, organises the biggest swing dance festival of the Netherlands, and you can easily find his red hair hopping around at every Lindy social in Amersfoort. His classes are full of goofiness. All his students are familiar with the lawnmower (yes, you’ll get to know this move soon!), and he makes the learning of difficult dance techniques easy with funny metaphores.


NOTE: If one level is full, but there are still spots left in another level, it might happen that the organisation places you in another level.

You started dancing Lindy Hop some months ago. You’re comfortable with 6- and 8-counts and working on your basic moves. You’re totally getting the Lindy Fever and you’re eager to learn more!
If you dance in Groningen, this level would fit the Sugarbeats and the Lollipops.

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for at least 9 months now. You are familiar with a great number of figures in Lindy Hop and Charleston and you don’t miss a chance to practice them. The Swing Out is one of your favourite moves.
If you dance in Groningen, this level would fit the Blue Cotton Candies.

Lindy Hop is a big part of your life for at least 1,5 year now. You pick up new moves easily, dancing to fast music is very comfortable and you already like to play with your own creative variations on moves and rhythms. You’ve attended several (international) events.
If you dance in Groningen, this level would fit the Pink Cotton Candies.


Lindy Hop by Danny & Jaro Solo Jazz by Bára Blues by Jonne & Gregor
10:30-12:00 Jellybeans Bubblegums Gummibears
Break Break Break Break
12:30-14:00 Gummibears Jellybeans Bubblegums
Break Break Break Break
14:30-16:00 Bubblegums Gummibears Jellybeans

Sweet Saturday Swing Party

The swingin’ Groninger Student Big Band will play for us in the night! And in between sets, the floor will be lit by the wonderful DJ Enzo! Entrance is free for those attending the workshops!


Registrations are closed!

We aim to balance the lead/follow ratio, so we may not be able to accept everyone straight away. If you want to be sure that you have a spot, please register as a couple. Once accepted you will receive an e-mail and you will have 5 days to pay for the workshop to complete your registration. If you need to cancel, please let us know, so we can accept someone else.
Date: Saturday, 11 May
Times workshops: 10:30-16:00h
Time party: 20:00-01:00h
Location Workshops: Het Heerenhuis (Spilsluizen 9, 9712 NR Groningen)
Location party: Der Aa-theater (Akerkstraat 11, 9712 BD Groningen)

– €40,- for Sugarspin members (includes party entrance)
– €45,- for non-members (includes party entrance)

Party only
– €5,- for everyone