facebook Welcome to Sugarspin — Lindy Hop in Groningen! 

We are Groningen’s first Lindy Hop association. This page tells…

…the Sugarspin Story So Far—

2017-12-09Sugarspin lindy and blues workshop with awesome Danny & Eveline and Gregor & Jonne, followed by Sugarspin’s first party with live band The Blue Ramblers at Huis de Beurs.

2017-12-08 — SIGN-UP for the January courses is open! 

2017-09-18 — Our regular courses commence again, and they’re packed! Fabulous to welcome so many new dancers at the open lessons, now let’s get down to business and unravel those moves…

2017-09-04 — New open lessons! 

2017-07-01 — Workshop with fantastic teachers  Becky and Jeroen, followed by a party at Plaza Danza.

2017-04-03 — NEW CLASSES START!  Open lessons for beginners  April 3 & 10 at 7 pm!

2017-03-25 — Feedback Workshop for intermediate dancers (ltd to 12 participants)

Bertil Holmström taught a three-hour workshop focused on working on our basics. 12 enthusiastic intermediate dancers now bounce with special panache!

2017-01-09 —NEW CLASSES START! Open lessons January 9 & 16!

More than 50 people attended the first of our open lessons on January 9th. Looking forward to the next one come Monday 16th! We’re thrilled to be back. Mondays are sweet indeed!

2016-11-12 — Our first SATURDAY WORKSHOP and EVENING PARTY!!

Erik Linnartz and Leonie Tigelaar are coming to teach a workshop consisting of two Lindy Hop classes for different levels and a Solo Jazz class which all levels can join. We have two rooms and two sets of teachers (Bertil Homström and Sanne van der Weide are teaching, too!). Classes for all levels (please register) are held at Travertijn, our usual venue, and run from 12:00 till 4.15 pm. We break for a shared lunch at 1 pm (provided by Sugarspin), and after a bit of rest we put our newly acquired skills to the test at an evening party with DJ Simon at Dansstudio de Haan kicking off with a 1-hour taster class for newcomers taught by Sander Ter Veen and Vera Alexander at 7.30 pm. The taster class and party are drop-in, no need to register — come as you are and meet Lindy Hop!

2016-09-05 — NEW CLASSES START!

We’re thrilled to welcome an exciting addition to our group of teachers: Bertil Holmström from Sweden will be joining us here in Groningen and teach from September onwards. Bertil is a very experienced swing dancer, performer and teacher and we very much look forward to having him here! Portrait and more details coming soon!

2016-08-15 — SIGN-UP for autumn classes opens!

2016-07-25 — Dancing in the Park

Open air dance in Noorderplantsoen. If and when the weather allows it, during the summer months we will play swing music and dance outdoors. Everyone welcome! Keep an eye on our Facebook page or sign up for email news on the Contacts page!

2016-06-27 — Lindy Hop Party with free taster @ International Student House

Our first course of 10 classes is over but that need not stop us dancing…

2016-05-16 — Free Taster and Whit Monday Party!

No regular class due to Whitsun, but we are keeping the bounce going, and this is an open event, so feel free to invite your friends along for a free taster and social dance. Check the event page for details, or join the Facebook event for updates!

2016-05-09 — New Location!

Sugarspin has grown too big for Plaza Danza! Our regular classes have now moved to De Travertijn, Travertijnstraat 6, 9743 SZ Groningen. It’s a 10 minute bike ride from the centre of Groningen, so there is an extra warm-up involved but participants tell us it is worth the effort!

2016-04-11— Second Open Lesson

The second open lesson was held on April 11th. There was a large number of sign-ups, so the board will now look for a bigger pad…

2016-04-04 — First Open Lesson

The first open lesson was held on April 4th. A room packed with students learned their triple steps and enjoyed the social dance afterwards. We didn’t know whether anybody would show up — more than 40 people did!

2016-04-01 — First Sugarspin Event

Sugarspin gave its first two taster classes, demo, and organised a social dance at the April Foolsday party at Plaza Danza.

2016-03-16 — It begins!

Sugarspin is getting ready to offer dance classes from Monday April 4th. Classes will be held at Plaza Danza, Boterdiep 20a, 9712 LN Groningen from 8pm till 9pm, followed by one hour’s social dancing.

2016-03-07 — Webpage and Teaching Schedule: check!

Meeting in Groningen, respectively on Skype. We arrange a teaching schedule for the first set of classes and collect input for the webpage. This will go public on 15-03-2016 — and that’ll be us ready to start promoting Lindy lessons!

2016-03-01 — We have a name! 

After weeks of debating back and forth, Erik, Sander and Sanne’s brainwave “Sugarspin” wins the bid.

2016-02-22 — Where to dance?

Sander, Sanne and Vera sit down together and investigate possible venues. We come to an arrangement with the owner of Plaza Danza, so this is where we plan hold the first course of 10 classes.

2016-02-14 — Valentine’s = Foundation Day!

First meeting of what will soon become the Sugarspin board. We agree to hold lessons on Monday evenings and make a Very Long To-Do list.

2015-12-01 — Anybody out there?!

Vera starts a Facebook group called “Lindy Hop in Groningen” to find out who is interested in Lindy Hop in the Groningen area, and who has experience dancing Lindy. It gains over 40 members in the first week, and this is how the members of the Sugarspin board get to know each other.