Workshop 8 September 2018

We ended the year with a workshop and party and we’re also going to start the year with a workshop and party! This time we have invited Svetlana Borovkova for a Beginners Solo Charleston class, and a previous favourite workshop teachers couple, Becky & Jeroen, are returning for more Lindy Hop! The party will be in Der Aa-Theater, with live music from the band Hot Tub Celebrity Party and a DJ (tba). Taster class 19:00-20:00, party starts at 20:00. Also check the Calendar for more events. September is going to be a lot of fun!

Class Content

Beginners Solo Charleston

In this Beginners Solo Charleston workshop, along with working on musicality and improvisation, we will learn some famous 20s Charleston moves and put them into a simple and fun routine, which we will perform together at the party in the evening!

The teachers

Svetlanea Borovkova – Solo Charleston



Svetlana Borovkova loves to share her passion for swing dancing with her students. She dances Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Shag, but her favourite is Charleston. Swing dancing takes her to numerous international festivals such as Cirque de Solo, Jazz Roots, Camp Hollywood, Smokey Feet and others. Svetlana’s teaching philosophy is to tune in the lesson’s pace and difficulty to the level of her students, to combine musicality with energy of swing dancing and most of all, to have fun. The best part of teaching for her is sharing with students the joy of moving and of swing music. Svetlana is also frequently DJing at swing dance parties. In her time free from dancing, Svetlana teaches at university and runs her own consulting business.


Becky & Jeroen – Lindy Hop

Becky & Jeroen. (Credit: JPG -Jim 'photography' Gregory' )

Becky & Jeroen. (Credit: JPG -Jim ‘photography’
Gregory’ )

Becky –

Hailing from Plymouth, UK where she started dancing in 2005, Becky is a fast-footed swing addict! Her 10 years playing drums in various bands has influenced her sense of rhythm, which gives her an in depth understanding for the pulse and rhythms of jazz music. Becky has been spreading her knowledge of dancing over the Netherlands for the last 5 years, teaching regular classes in Rotterdam and Delft, and giving workshops all over the country, from Maastricht to Groningen. Her classes have strong content and a focus on self expression, and there is always a sense of fun and creativity running through the class, thanks to her enthusiasm for teaching the dance to others. Becky always leaves her students feeling inspired and ready for the social dance floor!’

Jeroen –

Since he began dancing, Jeroen has rarely been absent when there is a party or dance event. The joy he finds in both solo and partner dance is evident from the enthusiasm he emits on the dance floor, with his humorous and experimental style. He started teaching four years ago, and does so on a regular basis in both Rotterdam and Delft. In his classes he places a strong focus on rhythms and self-expression, filling them with energy and lots of fun. He loves seeing his students flourish by helping them find their own way of movement!’



We are aiming to have three levels for Lindy Hop and two levels for Solo Charleston. For the Solo, levels A + B will be merged.

    • Level A: You have been dancing for just a few months. You have learned basic steps in 6- and 8-count, such as the he-goes, she-goes, send-out, tuck-turn and circle and started with the swing-out. For Sugarspinners, this means you have finished with your Sugarbeets course. Level now merged with level B.
    • Level B: You have been dancing for half a year or more. You are familiar with the basic lindy moves and know a bit of Charleston. You have started to use the concepts of frame, stretch and crunch to improve on your dancing. For Sugarspinners, this means you have finished with your Lollipops course. Level now merged with level A.
    • Level C: You have been taking lesson for 9 months or more. You are in control of your basic figures. You know how to swing-out, and Charleston and are familiar with the concepts of musicality and connection. For Sugarspinners, this means you have finished a Cotton Candy course.

    Schedule – Saturday 8 September

    The workshops will take place at De Travertijn (Travertijnstraat 6, Groningen)

    Level A/B

    Time Activity Location
    12:45-14:15 Lindy Hop Big room
    14:45-16:30 Charleston Small room

    Level C

    Time Activity Location
    12:30-14:15 Charleston Small room
    14:45-16:15 Lindy Hop Big room


    We aim to balance the lead/follow ratio, so we may not be able to accept everyone straight away. If you want to be sure that you have a spot, please register as a couple. Once accepted you will receive an e-mail and you will have 7 days to pay for the workshop to complete your registration. If you need to cancel, please let us know, so we can accept someone else. You can register here, after Friday 17 August 18:00.

    Workshop Fee
    30 euro for Sugarspin Members, 35 euro for non-members.

    Evening party

    In the evening, there will be a party in Der Aa-Theater (Akerkstraat 11, 9712 BD, Groningen), with live music from the band Hot Tub Celebrity Party and a DJ (tba). The doors open around 18:30. There is a taster class from 19:00-20:00. The band will start playing early, so don’t be late! The party is included in the price of the workshop fee. For those not attending the workshops, the entrance fee is €5,-.