Lindy Hop Workshop with Danny & Eveline + a taste of blues by Gregor & Jonne

We regularly organise events for our members and guests. This was the most recent workshop. Keep your eyes out for the next one!

On december 9, Sugarspin organises its 3rd workshop. This time we have invited Danny & Eveline to help you boost your lindy hop technique and to teach you some fun tricks & flash afterwards. Gregor & Jonne will introduce you to the wonders of blues dancing, a nice and relaxed partner dance on blues music, with a close cultural connection to Lindy Hop. In this workshop they will explain the basics of this dance and aim to get you in the right feeling for a good connection with the music and your partner. You can use this to explore this dance further or incorporate elements to enhance your Lindy Hop.

The teachers

Danny & Eveline

Danny dances Lindy Hop since 2013. Although he thought he could not dance, he discovered an unexpected talent within himself. In a couple of years he transformed into a very creative, joyfull, passionate and very technical dancer. He’s all about making hours on the dancefloor to dance as much as he can.

Eveline dances Lindy Hop since 2007. The moment she discovered Lindy Hop existed, she was determined to learn the dance. She created, and is still creating her own style. She is very passionate about dancing and knows how to inspire others to love Lindy Hop as much as she does.

Together they are JazzOut. JazzOut travels all over the world to do a lot of social dancing, training, teaching and competitions. Their lessons are about fun as well as about technique. When they dance you can see their combined energy. That energy you can also find in their lessons.

Gregor en Jonne
Jonne entered the world of swing- and bluesdancing in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the cosiness of blues. Since then you can find her for hours on end on the bluesdance floor both in the Netherlands and abroad. She got so addicted to dancing blues, that she started the bluesscene in Enschede together with Erik Nieland in 2013, and she has been teaching weekly classes in blues since then. For Jonne, bluesdancing is mainly about making connections with other people and having a conversation without speaking a word. In her classes, she, therefore, focusses a lot on the bluesy feeling through improving connection, creativity and musicality.

Gregor discovered the joy of partner dancing in 2013 and quickly adopted it as a new-found hobby. He started taking lindy hop lessons at Swing Out Loud in Enschede and only a half year later began taking lessons in blues dancing as well. Very soon he found himself joining countless lindy and blues events in- and outside of the Netherlands. He began teaching both styles in 2016 and got a kick out of it. He advised us when we set up Sugarspin, and give the first class. He enjoys lindy hop for the joy it brings and the great feeling when executing a certain move just feels natural. For Gregor blues dancing means freedom to express the music in even more ways. He is not shy of mixing styles, when this fits the music, and as such is also interested in fusion dancing.


There are two levels of classes. Each class will receive a 2 hour workshop by Danny & Eveline, and a 2 hour workshop in blues by Gregor & Jonne.

  • Level A/B: (Comparable to our Lindy A/B). You have been taking lessons for just a few months up to half a year. You have learned basic steps in 6- and 8-count, such as the he-goes, she-goes, send-out, tuck-turn and circle and started with the swing-out.
  • Level C: (Comparable to our Lindy C). You have been taking lesson for 9 months or more. You are in control of your basic figures. You know how to swing-out, and Charleston and are familiar with the concepts of musicality and connection.

Workshop location: Salsa Juan Carlos, Lijnbaanstraat 10, 9711 RV Groningen


Time Level A/B Level C
13:00-15:00 Danny & Eveline
Room: Havana
Gregor & Jonne
Room: Santiago de Cuba
15:00-16:00 Break with cake Break with cake
16:00-18:00 Gregor & Jonne
Room: Santiago de Cuba
Danny & Eveline
Room: Havana


Please click here to register. Registration closes Wednesday 6/12 19:30. We aim to balance the lead/follow ratio, so we may not be able to accept everyone straight away. If you want to be sure that you have a spot, please register as a couple. Once accepted you will receive an e-mail and you will have 5 days to pay for the workshop to complete your registration. If you need to cancel, please let us know, so we can accept someone else.
The price for the workshop is: € 15,- for Sugarspin members, € 25,- for non-members

Evening party

In the evening we will have a party with a taster class from 19:30-20:30 by Pier and Koosje and social dancing from 20:30 onwards. The party takes place at the beautiful venue Huis de Beurs (Akerkhof 4, 9711 JB Groningen). The Blue Ramblers Dance Band will provide live music and DJ Enzo will play the best songs for you to dance on. Bring your non-Lindy Hopping friends and invite them to the Facebook event!
Price: € 5,- (including beginners taster class). For workshop participants, party entry is free, but donations are welcome and will be used to pay the band!